Our Story - Taste and Tradition

Rendez-Vous Point Cafe is emblematic of fine French authentic cuisine with quality and tradition passed down through the generations.

Chef cooking in restaurant
A Place To Explore The Finest French Cuisine

Food connoisseurs and locals alike have known Rendez-Vous Point Cafe as go to meeting place where the truest traditions remain intact and family and friends gather and enliven their senses.


Keeping With Up With Tradition

First started by Anne-Sophie who commanded the menu and the kitchen in 1958, we have kept our traditions while pioneering new journeys into taste and an elegant experience that is second to none.

Dinner For Two
A Memorable Experience

At Rendez-Vous Point Cafe you are transported to into a cozy, elegant, and romantic French country atmosphere. Here traditional French cuisine is expertly prepared for your pleasure. Wine flows from the bottle. Fresh flowers embellish each table, daily. All of your senses are embraced. Service is exact and welcoming.

An Oasis in Heart of the District

Prices are delightfully affordable with incredibly rewarding selections and unique offerings; a true paradise in the heart of the of the district.